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Who’s Gonna Fix Me? 2

kwiksieBy kwiksie 3 years ago4 Comments
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Sincerely, I believe the only person capable of enacting lasting ‘all-round’ and most beneficial change in anyone is God. You may agree or disagree, but before doing either one just take a moment to think back to any moment at all, when the ‘quick’ fixes and ‘short cuts’ yielded the best results to major issues? ‘People’ are not your faulty wristwatch or DSTV dish – they don’t get straightened out by a little adjusting and tweaking and turning and knocking here and there. Our problems are often heart rooted – there’s something fundamentally twisted and evil about the heart of man (Jeremiah 17:9/Proverbs 22:5/Matthew 15:9). So if any person is exhibiting characters that testify to what Scripture has informed you is every person’s default state, it’s a bit absurd to me when folks react with so much indignation and shock. Hel-lo, if someone is a sinner, they sin. It’s what they do. The only person capable of effectively dealing with that problem as I’ve said, is God. The only way God is going to do that (considering He doesn’t run humanity like choice less remote-controlled dummies) is if we choose to let Him come in and change us. But sadly, possibly due to the driving need to make success stories of these seeming ‘misfits’ and receive accolades for it, we find there’s a ceaseless striving to change people via mediums of rigid protocol, bias, forceful application of the letter of the law, lies, bullying, threats, condemnation, lies again, humiliation, brainwashing, ceaseless attacking, comparisons, aggression, and the like, while the fundamental need to connect them to the real change agent is bypassed.

I wonder why such techniques are still hyped by some, despite their obvious ineffectiveness. And I wonder why we often try to help God do His job.

The atmosphere that most believed to have been created in the university was, a relatively safe and most convenient one for many to grow their faith and be better Christians in. Personally, I don’t know that that is completely accurate but regardless; too often, possibly as a result of the mindset mentioned afore, those who appeared to delay too long in ‘getting a hang of it’ may end up being penalized or paraded as total failures. Yet the one thing they were really ‘failing’ at (their ‘changers’ included), is realizing that change is a process…one preceded by a determined voluntary choice. Even those who are yet to meet Jesus and have Him ‘change it for them’ in the most beautiful and desirable way possible (Matthew 16:26 >> 2Corinthians 3:18/Philippians 3:21), still need to choose whatever other man-made option of change that they are offered. If the person hasn’t chosen the path you’re trying to lead them on, you’re wasting your time. They’ll slow you down and whine and drag their feet until eventually they turn back.

Many I know keep relying on institutions, offices, titles and objects as the foundation for their faith and I find it most saddening. When we don’t take things into proper perspective, there is bound to be confusion. Any place or institution can in truth serve as whatever one desires. It can be a convenient escape joint from home and family, it can be a platform to offshoot a lucrative entrepreneurial career, it can be the place you find the big break you always mention in your prayers, it can be the place where you choose to lose your virginity, flaunt your parents’ money, squander time and get ‘wasted’ on the daily, it can be the location where you come in contact with individuals who’ll remain invaluable to you for the rest of time, it can be the place you create the worst memories of your life – it – is – all – a – choice! One can grow or terribly shrivel (within or without), soar or crash, find joy or unending sorrow; whatever it is they decide. Because it’s not the experiences of our lives that shape us in themselves, but rather our perceptions of and responses to them.

The key is first getting truth and understanding to flood your soul, followed by letting WHO and what is within help you shape your response to environments so you live a life you’ll be gladly responsible for.

Bottom line is, you wouldn’t go to DELL to sort out challenges with your MacBook. No one can truly have the lasting answers to ‘fixing’ something they had no hand in creating (just as no one will be eternally saved until they realize just how much they need saving…and take the necessary steps to attain what they know they need – Romans 10:9).

There’s a huge lot you can learn from various places, in my experience. Sometimes it may not even be remotely in the vicinity of your plans and agendas, but how many of you can recall occasions where one unexpected turn or twist eventually contributed a really sweet tinge to a certain experience or journey? When we let power and comfort and joy, which lie in immeasurable quantities in Christ, help us rise above each supposedly difficult circumstance, and still learn from them (because there’s always a lesson), then it will be clear our tactics are different and more edifying; people will be drawn to Him and He will get all the glory. Choose to find the good; and on those occasions where it seems too well hidden, let God use you to exude the good others can then find.

One greatly stands to lose if instead of Christ, some external change-r is what/who they choose…. God will lead as He wills and those who are willing; if you’re fond of following, then good for you. 😉


P.s: the scripture references aren’t at all long. Please remember to check them out. 🙂

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  • Tani says:

    Many have developed the outward skill of waiving away wisdom in mockery, ridicule or in direct antagonistic attacks. Yet all the loud show, often feigned and geared towards a gallery, is but a smokescreen to hide the gnawing of conscience and block from the mind fearful thoughts of the hereafter. If creators of man made equipments know and suggest the best way to run and maintain them, and we comply… how much more God with us? Yes, it’s all about choice. People, ‘wisen’ up and don’t blot out eternity’ s view from your present!

  • Tani says:

    My comment on the first part of this essay (which wasn’t giving me opportunity to ): comment) is your one liner:

    “A place does not change a person.”

  • kwiksie kwiksie says:

    Oh? Sorry about the system glitch.
    Haha – I’m glad we’re fully in sync on that thought. I truly believe it.

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