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Take A Message To Mary

kwiksieBy kwiksie 3 years ago
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Take a message to Mary, but don’t tell her where I am.
Take a message to Mary, but don’t say I’m in a jam.
You can tell her I had to see the world;
Tell her that my ship set sail.
You can say she better not wait for me,
But don’t tell her I’m in jail. Oh don’t tell her I’m in jail…”

How many of you know or remember that song?
I loved that song.
I thought it was #1 on the charts
If you needed your mood sunk
It provided the perfect background melody to
My often-morose romantic musings
Because I often thought the best heart-song hits
Were the ones utterly soaked with misery.

I loved that song.

I considered it a tale
Of an expression of love so moving
It severally rendered
My heart stationary
So whenever I chose to ponder
This song’s meaning
I could be found sitting – earphones plugged in-
Listening to the wails
Of  the Everly Brothers and wondering
In awe
At the sheer beauty of feeling
That prompted  that lad’s
Ever so willing acceptance
Of his short-lived fate in that cold and lonely prison
Without getting to once more see
The woman he would die loving.
To him it was more bearable
That she be hurt by lies dubbing her unwanted
Than to make her privy
To the news of his imminent passing
Because he was certain the latter
Would yield ten times more suffering
In the heart of the one he would have been marrying…
If life wasn’t so fond of rudely interrupting.

What a love.
What a guy.
Won’t it be great to have a dude like that?
Whose love was so selfless –
He’d put my heart above his preference?
Oh I was so taken by that poor frontier lad
And it made me thoroughly sad
That those cruelly unforgiving army folk
Refused to pardon his honest mistake
– for which he was evidently sorry.
With tears racing down my cheeks I’d think;
But he was sorry guys…
Why didn’t you let him go back to Mary?!

Why didn’t Mary get
To have a happy ending?

Over and over I’d listen
And over and over the people I held responsible
For this love tragedy
Remained unchanging.
They killed him. He was sorry. Mary would be lonely.
They killed him. He was sorry. Mary would be lonely.
But you know what conveniently evaded my mind
In my several ponderings?
This utterly beautiful 2minute 37second song
– from start to finish
Was all about lying.

Our pitiful frontier lad was sending lies to Mary.

But surely that’s forgivable
Under the circumstances
I mean, what would you have had him do?
He didn’t want his bride
To have to deal with his execution
He wanted her to be free even,
Move on and meet someone,
He was doing the best he could
In the way he thought best to
But how many of you would appreciate it
If he was telling the tall tales to you?

Well I would not.
Why is it when challenges arise
Honesty is regarded as naught?
Why lie to my face
When you can share the truth
Eating your heart?
And when I hear folks say
They deceived someone for the person’s sake
I sit and think; “What? What’s up with that?”

Why wouldn’t he just tell the truth to Mary?
What if, like me, she would rather
Have stuck by him till his executing?
What if she had a few favors to call in
From some top officer in the military?
Was it truly selfless
For that dude to endure his misery
Without first consulting his lady?
Well I strongly doubt that
And since nothing is hidden forever
It is possible that someday she’d figure
He didn’t go to Timbuktu or wherever,
In search for gold in some land yonder.
She may just grow gray and old
Regretting not getting the chance to be there
For her lover.
Yeah, thanks a lot brother.
Were you really doing all that for her-
Or was it so you’d feel better?
I mean, now that I think about it,
That poor guy was probably crushed
By the fact that, for whatever reason, he’d been pushed
Right into committing a sin
That none had interest in forgiving
And although it was hurting him he was absolutely terrified

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  • Leede says:

    A long read but awesome ?

    • kwiksie kwiksie says:

      It is rather long. An audio version will be available soon though – thank you for not letting length deter you though. ?

  • Enele Ogah says:

    Good work. It’s interesting.
    I remember this song. My dad used sing it to me when I was much younger and I liked it. Old memories……????
    I now have a deeper understanding of that song, thanks to this post.

    I wanted to stop reading half way because it was so looooooong but thank God I was able to finish.

    So, keep it up. It’s nice!

    Roses of life.

    I hope you’ll find mine interesting too.
    God bless.