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Bad Move Birdie…Bad Move. 3

kwiksieBy kwiksie 3 years ago4 Comments
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Welcome back.

I hope you all had a wonderful Easter break – celebrating all the goodness we get to claim in the eternally unparalleled gift of the ever loving and oh-so-risen Jesus Christ.

I know I did.

I thought to give your email boxes (and myself) a little break from notifications for a little while as well. I hope I made a good call there…

Now, let’s bring this ‘birdie’ home.

Birdie without intending to, reminded me of mistakes I am guilty of having made, and mistakes I have observed many make severally.


We Stray: dictionary definitions of ‘STRAY’ state that it means to move away aimlessly from a group or from the right course or place, to move idly, to be unfaithful (relationships), to wander or roam in a specified direction. In adjectival connotation it would mean to not be in the right place; separated from the group or target; (of a domestic animal) having no home or having wandered away from home.
Sometimes we stray, and that doesn’t necessarily have to always be a bad thing. If one was steeped in a lifestyle or belief system that is fundamentally twisted and detrimental to his or her well being, that would be a great place to stray from. Right now though, I’m checking things from birdie’s standpoint. See, the reason for someone straying may seem legit to the person and maybe even some observers. But project a few probable outcomes down the line and ask yourself the hard truth of whether or not it is the wisest decision. If it isn’t, can it be reconsidered perhaps?

Birdie could have been bored. Maybe she was chirping with a visitor from another tree that day who advised her to get out of her comfort zone and explore the world. Maybe her boyfriend teased her about always playing it safe and never going too far from her parent’s branches. Maybe her clique kept going on about all the human rooms they’d been in and all the pieces of bread and nuts they got to nibble without getting caught. Maybe birdie was teased, mocked, advised, emotionally blackmailed and altogether influenced to stray from safety. Or maybe she had taken the initiative herself!

Bottom line is, if birdie had maybe not strayed, she may still be alive.


We Get Over-Excited: it’s Thursday, throwback with me.

Do you remember any occasion in your childhood when someone was trying to teach you something – say maybe a function in mathematics – and understanding began to gradually set in? Didn’t you find it exciting?

Well I sure did. I wasn’t the biggest math enthusiast so grasping anything pertaining to the subject had me elated. But here’s the issue; sometimes I’d get so excited that I understood something (finally), that I’d interrupt my teacher in mid-explanation, convinced I could take it from there successfully.

More often than not, that turned out to be a bad idea and I’d ultimately flop and ask again for the help I’d shut out.

How about now? Sometimes we encounter some really good things and we’re super excited about them; but if we don’t learn to keep our emotions in check and control our responses, we can very well end up ruining the good thing with careless albeit enthusiasm drenched actions. After receiving elating news or whatever, remember to sit at a calmer time to analyze and consider things with objectivity and sobriety.

If it’s an obviously negative/dangerous/detrimental/valueless thing that’s getting you over excited and ready to jump in head first…
…I’ll be praying for you.


We Fool Ourselves: into believing what is false and disbelieving what is true, basically. Sometimes the error in a decision or a continued pattern of behavior or course of action is blatantly staring one in the face, yet all the inner checks and the still small voice warning against such are ignored. Rationalization, denial, and a plethora of several defense mechanisms are employed to convince the mind that the have ourselves a good plan…even when we know we don’t

I’ll stay with him one more day…the next blow and I’m done.
Doing it just this once couldn’t possibly hurt anyone.
Everybody does it, and never gets hurt.
God couldn’t possibly mind if I do this….



We Act Foolishly: usually, the former gives rise to this one. A person is more likely to entertain lies and foolhardy thoughts, prior to actually engaging actively in foolishness. Whether it’s in pretending there are no negative consequences for actions in the whole universe, or choosing to believe a dangerous thing loses its inherent characteristic, simply because it was wished away – whatever it is, that thought has the ability to chart an action or a string of actions. Foolish thinking births fooling doings.

It’s important we fill ourselves with wisdom in our actions. In everything, balance is key.

Don’t become paranoid, yet it’s better not to trivialize dangers and risks.
Don’t repeat the same things and wail about nothing changing.
Before rushing into unknown territory, it is wise to do some investigating and proceed with caution…


Sometimes we get only one chance to make the right decisions. Sometimes, it is a matter of life and death.

Please, live long.

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