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Heads You Lose, Hearts You Win.

kwiksieBy kwiksie 3 years ago2 Comments
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They had been waiting a long time for this moment and it was finally here.

Everything was in place. Each had been anticipating this for quite some time and they knew success was pretty much in the bag if they could manage to push her far enough. If they could overwhelm her for just so long…

It was almost a no-brainer that the two would need little to no assistance once they were given a good kick-start. In fact, they figured they could get her to decide to take things to the climax herself even. And that would make her free-fall even more spectacular; mostly because she would have unwittingly helped dig her own pit anyway.

It was so deliciously ironic.

Yes indeed. Every invaluable party to the implementation of this long time plan was on standby. Her id, her emotions, her fears, her lusts, her weaknesses – everyone was in anticipation of some excitement.

She let out an adorable laugh and took a small sip from her glass of juice as he made a wisecrack about his arrogant, underqualified boss. He had just closed from work and they were having a great time at his very stylish bachelor pad in an estate a few blocks from his office complex. He had finally won. Since they’d begun dating seven months ago, he’d tirelessly made one attempt after the other to get her to come over but she’d turned him down every time. In her opinion, it wouldn’t have been decent, since they barely knew each other – and he lived alone. Thus, visiting her at the apartment she shared with two other ‘sisters’ from church had to suffice, aside from their other rendezvous at restaurants, malls and the like.

Now however, she was more comfortable with him. She knew him to a reasonable extent and was certain he was the last person on earth who’d try taking advantage of anyone – least of all her. He was a gentleman before he was even human as far as she was concerned and she trusted him completely…as she did herself. Obviously she wasn’t a baby. There was no way she would let her heart out-yell her head in the permanent squabble they seemed to be in these days – especially whenever she was near him.

As he talked she zoned off and found herself imagining those excellently crafted lips of his making an impression on hers – and oh, what an impression she was certain they’d make! When he had to laughingly wave a hand in front of her face to regain her attention she shook off her distracting fantasies and chastised herself for letting them roll once again. Ever since they’d met, she’d gradually begun loosening the ribbons of scriptural discipline with which she’d kept her mind wrapped since she got saved, till it was left completely uncovered. Now she couldn’t seem to keep one sensual or sexually unattached thought out of her head once she was near him, or she thought of him, or she heard his voice….

He seemed to like it that way though, saying she needed to be more open-minded and buttressed the point by ensuring she joined him on cinema trips were movies heavily pregnant with profanity and sex-worship were free to proceed through those open-doors of her mind to birth all they carried.

Done with his humorous tale of his boss, he fixed on her a steady, relaxed gaze and casually began adorning her with several compliments concerning her looks; each compliment more intimate than the former. Uncomfortable as she kept getting with his detailed expressions of admiration of her exterior, she laughed and widened her eyes appropriately at each inappropriate comment, letting him know that he was overdoing it and yet simultaneously rationalizing his actions internally by reminding herself that he’d always been the forward and honest type – and didn’t God recommend honesty as a necessary element in the life of one saved?


Anyway, at his offer to replenish her near exhausted juice supply, she shook her head and suggested he give her a tour of the outdoor premises of his home instead. Really all she wanted was a little distraction.

And maybe some fresh air as well…it was getting a tad too hot.


To be continued…


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