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Heads You Lose, Hearts You Win. 3

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Heads and Hearts

She laughed off his request for her to spend the night and tried to maneuver past him but her attempt was the truly laughable event. He raised the dangers of her leaving by public transportation so late at night and her counter came in the form of a reminder of just how many cars he could spare for her to ride. Suddenly, fuel’s lack pushed the first excuse out of the limelight but for some reason, that didn’t quiet fit the description ‘reasonable’ in her mind.

They argued back and forth. His utmost concern was her safety, but she was convinced it was only her reputation in need of protecting. Finally, conceding defeat, he agreed to lend her a vehicle, wailing the tediousness of having to reduce his generator’s fuel level. She sat and waited in his living room and after about eight minutes he returned.

He didn’t have the faintest odor of petrol on him – but what did she know?

She never thought the transfer of petrol could be done so quickly – but then, he’d probably done it several times before.

When they’d strolled round, she’d noticed that the generator house was quite a distance from the carport – but hey, she wasn’t Sherlock Holmes so….

After gaining a massive number of points on the ‘Self-deception Scale’, she thanked him and they both walked to the car outside. Just as she was about to get in the driver’s seat he made a sound of mock horror, asking if she she’d found their day together so dreary that she couldn’t even squeeze in a proper goodbye. So she got out and he plastered her to him like stickers on a car bumper – and they called it a hug. Then she tried to pull away but he held on tightly, his face merely inches from hers’– and they called it romantic.

Then he decided to kiss her. And kiss her. And kiss her, until the automatic lock of the car door activated itself. But this time she was quiet as her thoughts seemed to suddenly freeze…

Plus they really didn’t have the breath left to call it anything.

Then his lips strayed to the side of her neck, and as though controlled by the same remote, his hands joined in the movement. However, his increase in movement seemed to have the exact opposite effect on her sensory-motor skills. The only things she was sure were moving were her blouse as it progressively inched up over her abdomen guided by his hand, and her chest as the beat of her heart developed a dramatically quirky rhythm. There was so much tension in her chest, and this she found slightly confusing considering the weightlessness she felt in her stomach.

It appeared that system had chosen to so quickly discard the memory of the meal she’d recently packed in it.

This was it! The moment they had all been waiting for! The complete attention of her physiological system was directed at the very novel, very exciting, very heady feelings the team of his hands and lips were evoking in her. She made a pathetic attempt at protesting and he duly ignored it. What was she doing!? Her brain frantically searched for something to disguise as a logical explanation for her current on-going actions (or inaction) in order to put her at ease and dissuade her from putting an abrupt end to his onslaught.


It was no big deal. They’d been dating for a pretty long time now. This was so much more acceptable than those shameless individuals who would let a complete stranger have sex with them the very same day they met the individual. Plus this wasn’t really sex; it was just common foreplay. There really wasn’t that much harm in letting him do everything but stick his penis in her so it was totally fine. Look at her parents for goodness sake! They’d had her out of wedlock and they were such awesome people — loved Christ more than anyone she knew. There was no way this was a big deal – she just had a problem. A super-uptight, goody-two-shoes, I-must-be-perfect complex. And if she didn’t loosen up a bit, she was definitely going to lose this amazing man God had brought into her life. She couldn’t let that happen. God would even be angry with her!


So all of a sudden she mentally healed herself from her temporary paralysis and decided to help him out. She flung both arms about his neck and tilted her head back to make access to hers’ easier. He set to work – taking the hint immediately as well as the prerogative of permitting his hands broader coverage of its lower environment, just as its teammate had received in higher regions.

Meanwhile, everyone applauded the brain for an excellent job done. It was going better than they all expected. Over the past months she’d invested a substantial amount of time into polluting the mind that had previously been in the middle stages of renewal by the word of God, thus effectively weakening her stance and convictions on major and essential truths. By reason of this, most were hardly worried that some moral reservation would rear its ugly head at this time and mess up all their fun. In the midst of this entire ruckus, one Person was markedly unimpressed by the antics of the brain and the others and had not ceased in His attempt to alert her to how the lots of them were merely using her to catch trips. He’d been trying to reach her since the very onset of the plot’s unfolding but the loud nature of their jubilation over her imminent fall kept her so conveniently distracted. For that reason, she persistently shook off His every warning and nudge as though He were the bothersome diversion.

The others mocked Him and had a wonderful time while at it. Prior to her getting together with this boyfriend, they had all been less than insignificant because of Him. He’d been in charge and they knew it as each feeble attempt made to overthrow him backfired and caused her to even hold on tighter. She had just begun to experience real growth… until she met her weakness. He was as charming as she was naïve and as devious as she was easily swayed; and he was all they needed to make their dreams come true.

Gradually she got a lot busier – working at church, evangelizing, going out on charity outreaches, helping out the elderly people in her neighborhood whose children were all grown…and trying to get the fellow she had begun crushing on to get to church and to meet Jesus.

Soon there was hardly time to fellowship with Him.

Then all of a sudden, everyone seemed to notice how gorgeous she was and in no time, there were advances from every corner; co-workers, clients, church members – everybody wanted to have a shot at winning her heart. Of course, it became sort of a nuisance and soon, a good percentage of her thoughts were focused on figuring out an effective solution to this challenge. Then, it progressed to figuring out the best way to pick out the ‘right man’ amongst all the available options that God had – she assumed – brought her way.

Soon in her hunt for who should’ve been her second love, she pushed her first to second place.

Slowly and steadily, she let the enemy use her own hands to chip away at the most important part of herself. Thus with consistent neglect, disregard, and the absence of frequent communication, her once blooming relationship with her Savior began to wilt, and the flesh she had been made dead to…

Fought to be resurrected.

To be continued…

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