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I Hope She Knows

kwiksieBy kwiksie 3 years ago7 Comments
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I hope she knows

I watch her
Day in
Day out.
Tireless toiler
She feeds them
She cleans them
There’s barely enough but
There’s always something
To share
With me
And everybody.
There’s always time
For her
To be the mother.

I hope she knows
I admire her.

She’s weary,
She’s worn.
Her feet are cracked
Her clothes are torn.
If you looked at her
From bottom to top,
You might be filled with pity.
But if you started at her face-
Connected with that steady gaze,
Watched those oily cheeks puff
And glimpsed the gap
In that sincerity packed smile,
You will be filled
With warmth
That’s as unexplainable
As it is fuzzy.

I hope she knows
She inspires me.

She sat there dosing.
Her arms moved in steady continuity
As she fanned her baby.
The heat was oppressive
And she’d had no breakfast;
What she’d had
In endless supply
Were chores.
Try as I might,
She wouldn’t budge
-Sleep was something
Her mind had taught her
To grow decreasingly fond of.
Batchi.” I would say.
Her smile would precede the “Aiki fala fala Malama.
She always sent my way.
So even before
The cock shared its greetings
She could be found in the cloak
Of the fading moonlight,
The night would fall
In love with her
For while others slept,
They got closer.
She’d pick
And sieve
And wash
And sweep,
Rocking ever so often
Nodding at her exhaustion
Refusing to let it best her.
A little help
Made the work go faster;
Thank you Malama” was my reward
But my contentment lay
In the fact that
Her body would recover
For about seven minutes extra.

I hope she knows
I love her.

She is beautiful
Hajia Maria
And if I was as rich as I’d like to be
I’d get her a grinder
So she could pound less.
I’d babysit for days
If only she’d agree to rest.
Get her workers
To package the nunu
And pound the maize,
To cut the awara
As I get her to lie back
And star gaze.
She’s not pathetic
Nor wretched
She’s just a wonderful person
Who’s now rooted
In my heart
And prayers.

I hope she knows
She is amazing.
I hope she knows
She moves me.

The language barrier
Won’t let me say this
In person
But with every hug
And shared laugh,
As I sit with her
And cradle her baby,
As we exchange meals
And learn from each other daily
I hope she gets
That she will contribute
To my difficulty
In leaving.
I hope she realizes
The mere thought sometimes
Has me weeping.

I pray
All my prayers for her
Are fulfilled.
I pray
Her soul finds rest
When her heart is stilled.
I pray her children
Bring her even more joy
Than she’s directed to me
Because I am thankful.

I hope she knows.


Copyright, Kwiksie. 2017.

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