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‘VILLAGE’ Woman? 2

kwiksieBy kwiksie 3 years ago2 Comments
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Village Woman



4. Less Ambitious: I’ve heard some say they’re unambitious but I find that to be inaccurate. I believe everybody, in some way, has a strong motivation and desire to succeed at something. It’s usually the ‘what’ one wants to succeed at or in that easily provides the differentiation. Perhaps none here are particularly keen on becoming the most renowned female entrepreneurs of their time, or perhaps they could care less about training themselves to be elegant and eloquent CEOs and what not. But that doesn’t change the fact that they would likely do their possible best to be good wives to their husbands and mothers to their children. If they have farms they’re likely going to work the land for all it’s got – because those hungry children at home would likely eat the produce/that acquired from selling the produce for all they’re worth. If the need be toiling, toil they will; if it be sweating, sweat they will – whatsoever is required to achieve the goals and aims that they have been taught and personally consider are important to them in their immediate realities/in general, these women will do (whether or not technology drops by to make the workload lighter or to enhance their multi-tasking capabilities).

Pssst! Hey rural diva! Here’s a high-five.

5. Playful: in a most alluring, grinning with reckless abandon – cheerfully taking correction – drumming on tins and buckets – trusting and non-skeptic – giggling like little children – type of way. If they had the money to pay for amusement, I bet comedians would thrive among these ones. Yet what makes this trait all the more beautiful is that they would need no peddler of humor to sell them a reason to smile. Many of us are so quick to drown in the bustle and frustrations of our busy, super important, modernized ambitious existences, we forget to inhale the cool air after the rains have kissed the earth, or wink at the sun whenever its rays crown our heads. But not these ones. They’ll laugh at their ignorance, and they’ll laugh because they know; they’ll play when they’re happy, and they’ll create games to make it hard for the sadness to show.

It’s beautiful I tell you. Simply, ‘heart-tuggingly’, beautiful.

6. Simple: “Simplicity is glorious, simplicity is key; thinking clutter is better, depicts a certain poverty in reasoning.” –Kwiksie

I know there are some who immediately imagine I’m referring to make-up or dressing or some thing that pertains to the beautification of the externals – and…yeah they’re mostly right. But see learning to appreciate the beauty in minimalist approaches to certain things (at specific points in our lives maybe, or not) isn’t a process that begins from the outside or the environment. For instance, that one always dons t-shirts and jeans doesn’t necessarily prove that she appreciates simplicity and authenticity. It could be she’s just too lazy to match outfits, or she hates to do laundry, or she thinks thumb boys are the coolest people in the world, or perceives feminine expressions to be needful only when you have a man, or whatever. Just as many have grown to learn the untruth that we need more to be happy, many of these have grown to find a form of happiness in their numerous ‘nothings’.

Oh, that we would all receive understanding…

7. Unrefined: no, they aren’t the most polite. They’ll fart when they want and spit where they like. No, many don’t often cross their legs. They could burp happily, forget to say ‘sorry!’… oh and if they talk too loud, kindly stop your ears. Yes, it probably would leave you in shock – the way they sleep, eat, play and how they talk. You might gape at the manners of many, or maybe even the lack thereof. But if you looked around you, as often as you checked your timeline, you’d be surprised at how much refinement has, sadly, skipped many a ‘modern’ mind.

Anyone can improve. Give them chance, give them time…

8. Just Another Woman: they may not be so numerous, but even from these few I could tell the primary difference between what we’d like to call ‘them’ and what we believe is ‘us’…is location. Our positions on the map are what raise a major portion of this ‘dust’ and it’s blinding countless from seeing the obvious fact that we do a lot of what we do because of our start. Along the line we can change- rebel or conform, burn out of the stereotypes or go blend in with the norm – but see, learning and exposure can be most useful to any and every soul! Yet if you’re learning is tethered and the world around you tries to stunt your growth, you’ll be limited to stay put in the shadows of your potentials, chuckling at eager change agents because ‘greater’ would seem a most amusing and ridiculous thing.

The doctor didn’t announce the birth of a city, the midwife didn’t see a rural community exit a womb; they both saw females – in different parts of one and the same world.


So, after running through these thoughts for a few minutes (within which I decided I was going to make this a blog post), I decided that contrary to my intentions, what I had uttered as a jocund tease to poke fun at my sister and mother, was actually more complimentary than not. I’m laying emphasis on this because sometimes we are dubbed with certain labels and titles and are all too quick to wail and take offence because we believe we have been insulted, yet what I believe has actually occurred is that our own (mostly useless) stereotypes and negative/condescending biases have come to bite us in the butt. I.e. we often get upset because we first think of all the uncomplimentary things we have internally associated with something, instead of all the things that truly make ‘it’ what it is.

Indeed, many things are not entirely as we perceive. 🙂

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