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kwiksieBy kwiksie 3 years ago2 Comments
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adjective |ˈpərfikt |
1 having all the required or desirable elements, qualities, or characteristics; as good as it is possible to be.

  • free from any flaw or defect in condition or quality; faultless
  • precisely accurate; exact.
  • highly suitable for someone or something; exactly right.


Where do I start?
With what do I begin?
Perhaps a small lesson
Will be the most appropriate thing.

You must have heard the word ‘perfect’
And likely used it severally in times past
But many will stir up the debate
That perfection is but an ideal
Unsuitable for reality
And the wicked human heart.

Yet I do believe, whole-heartedly,
Perfection is only as far
As we are willing to reach;
Be it with hands or hopes,
Pure faith or human tact,
Perfection may be
-In anyone with understanding.

Why do I say this?
You’ll read it in a bit:
There IS perfection
Because a perfect God exists.
Perfectly loving, perfectly true,
Shedding infallible love abroad
In hearts that invite Him to.
Chastening and chiseling,
Perfecting all His works of art
From the endings of many days…
Up until eternity’s start.
And on this very day,
Decades long past,
This perfect God
Made my Dad.

If I claim he is perfect,
Please understand;
I cannot speak in contradiction to
His manufacturer.
This does not mean there are no flaws,
Else there could never be better,
Yet new years are most delightful
Because they herald possible growth
-In humility and in honor.

So when considering perfections
Or those prefixed with ‘im’,
Know that true excellence
Is sourced of only one Spirit…
One I know
Resides in him.

Refuse doubt the reins,
Loose your faith of limits.
Ignore the convictions of experience
To see beyond mortal weakness.
Look instead to the author
Of our promised glorious forever
And maybe then you’ll understand
Why Chukie E. Ifediora
Is the perfect father
To this daughter.


20th July 2017.
Copyright, Kwiksie.

Happy Birthday Papi.
Keep striving towards perfection.



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  • Pastor Chukie IFEDIORA. says:

    Thanks Kwiksie for that beautiful masterpiece on Perfection!
    I love the truth that our Perfect Father created perfect children. The WORD assures us that by one single sacrifice, once and for all times, God has perfected all things concerning us.
    So, Yes, I’m perfect as my Father is perfect, I just have to be perfect, !
    I Love you and i love your writings!

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