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The #OneLessWhiner Challenge

kwiksieBy kwiksie 3 years ago4 Comments
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The One Less Whiner Challenge

Greetings, you wonderful person you!

I’m interrupting the usual flow of posts to make a special announcement.

Many of us in modern day seem to have developed a strong affixation to a habit/pastime that has been proven to be highly unprofitable. I’m sure you have a clue from the title – the habit being referred to is…Complaining (insert eerie movie soundtrack). Now inasmuch as there may not be an inherent evil in just simply expressing dissatisfaction or irritation over an event or the state of things, especially if they veer from the ideal or reasonably expected, there are some who have made it a point of call to persist in this activity – over minor and major issues alike – without any thought or attempt to go a step beyond voicing their complaints.

Because we are out to both make and spot the difference in the world around us, this challenge is being introduced in hopes to find many of us who will resist the urge to join the throngs in griping about yet another ‘problem’ we find in our society or environment and instead actually set our minds to work out better more useful and effective alternatives to situations. The ‘#OneLessWhiner Challenge’ 2017, is being put forth with the intention to help ring the reminder that we are all capable of bringing about beneficial change in our context(s) – no matter how seemingly minute or inconsequential. There is benefit in investing time on more profitable ventures; and this profit comes not just to you, but also to at least one other person around you. If we all made the decision to develop the habit of being more practical, thankful, positive, hopeful, and solution oriented – regardless of our circumstances – slowly but surely, things will begin to transform and we will begin to infuse and actually see the beauty in many places (even those we never thought to coax it from).

The #OneLessWhiner challenge for this year will go on for a month. It will commence officially on August 1st and ‘end’ (only virtually I hope) on August 31st 2017. On the last three (3) days (29th, 30th and 31st August), there will be an opportunity for participants to write articles, stories or poems of no more than 750 words (could be less), describing their general experience through out the challenge or specific occurrences – as preferred. One article/story and poem each will be selected for each day and featured on the blog. P.s: No author will be featured more than once!!!

However, everyday throughout the duration of the challenge, you can tweet as many times as you want with the hash tag #Onelesswhiner2017 at @kwiksie1 – sharing how a decision to refuse to continuously gripe about things or utter a single complaint in a particular situation, made allowance for creativity in more useful alternatives and yielded a positive or unexpectedly pleasant outcome. You may also send in direct messages relating your experiences to @kwiksie1 on Instagram, or tag @kwiksie1 in any public post made about the challenge with the hash tag #Onelesswhiner2017 for a repost and shout out.

Please note: there is a difference between seeking for improvement or alternatives to a circumstance considered unpleasant, and just plain griping or whining. Let’s help others spot it.

“When the difference you make is positive, those who laud may be less; yet do not let any one deceive you into thinking your efforts are worthless.”
– Kwiksie.

I’m announcing this so early so we can share this with others in good time and hit the ground running next month. Make yourself the difference to spot in your context. It’s okay to be that one-of-a-kind change agent. (Please help spread the word okay? And feel free to start challenging yourself from today!)

I’ll be ‘seeing’ you!
Warm regards,

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  • Oyin says:

    Hi…I’m still trying to understand the challenge tho. A little help please

    • Kwiksie says:

      I’m sorry it came across as vague Oyin.
      The challenge is to go through the full month without complaining, doing so with the understanding that pointing out things that are ‘ wrong’ around us isn’t an inherently bad thing, but that it becomes that when we do nothing beyond whining. ?

  • Oyin says:

    Okay?…now I get it.
    And how to get featured?

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