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#Onelesswhiner Challenge – Day 3.

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OneLessWhiner Challenge

It’s day three (3) of the #Onelesswhiner challenge and…so far, so good. (Insert wide grin). To all those who kicked off with us, more power to you! Keep going and pull your friends in. To those who have no idea what this is about, refer to this post >  and jump in! It’s still early.

For some persons, the difference this has brought into their lives yet lacks that 7Up clarity but for some others, it’s a refreshing realization that they can actually talk to themselves…and be listened to! Whatever the case, it’s still early on so whether you’ve gotten off to a good start or perhaps a less encouraging one, DO NOT QUIT! Don’t get comfortable and slack, don’t get miserable and fall back, just keep at it. There are yet 28 glorious days ahead of us!!!

In light of this challenge, many people could repeat to you severally – as they have to me – how unrealistic it is to expect that one could successfully refrain from whining and complaining several times per day (and minute even) – especially if such a one is privileged to be within the context of the Nigerian society. Most of such persons are convinced that there are too many complaint-worthy things to let the tongue loose on, for them to merely be ignored or sugar coated.

So basically, to such persons, it seems as though not whining is a form of denial.

But that is skewed thinking folks (and evidence that such people NEED to participate in this #challenge most seriously) because if the claim is that there are countless challenges that inadvertently make #whineless behavior unjustifiable, I could easily counter with the statement that there are equally more good things than one can exhaustively identify, which would make whining an equally baseless pastime.

It is helpful to remember that whatever you give all of your attention is exactly what will occupy all or most of your experienced reality. Sometimes the bad appears to outweigh the good not because in truth it is in greater proportion, but because mankind gets easier pulled to lavish unhappy thoughts with the most attention.

Whining will likely never bring the fixes and lasting solution we need, but it will take up a lot of time and energy and can drain one of solution generating creativity. THAT is why it is the enemy. Winds of both delightful and unpleasant things blow everyday but please don’t be a weak reed that gets moved around by whichever one decides to blow. Instead, root yourself in a decision to be selective about your response to whatever decides to blow your way.

Day Three

We can do this. #Befirm, #bedetermined and #betrue to the #whineless form.


With love,

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