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#Onelesswhiner Challenge – Day 5.

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Day 5

Everyone has something they want – infants, toddlers, teenagers, adults and elders alike. At every stage of development, among all peoples in any and every context –every single person has something they want. But wants vary; there are many born of narcissist motives and those that are gainful to the masses. Some are worthless – springing from base, misguided desires – and others just may be trivial, adding no value yet relatively harmless…

People will always want but, thankfully, they will not always get.

Yet that alone is sufficient excuse for someone’s chronic nagging and whining habit. Many have been given the false impression that, somehow, they are entitled to all the good things in life. Let me correct that for you – we are not. If we got what we had coming by reason of our actions and thoughts half the time, the earth would be significantly less populated. Really. In spite of all the wickedness and cruelty and the twisted evil that can spring from the godless heart, God has still mercifully kept this world together. It should have fallen apart beneath the weight of all our misdeeds, yet we have – for a time – found mercy.

Mercy that is commonly disregarded, denied or taken for granted.

Because there are wants that may never be actualized, there will doubtlessly be disappointments experienced several times in life. But that should not obliterate the reality of the good deals we’ve been getting from the moment we stepped into this drop of eternity. Whether or not we deny it, we have gotten many good things we do not DESERVE. If you’ve ever fallen in love, you did not create the individual or work out the experience in a laboratory – it is a gift. If people have children, in as much as someone’s sperm and another’s egg were factors in that miraculous action, you still didn’t really make that child. That we breathe doesn’t make oxygen our copyrighted resource. If you’re on a sick bed, at least there is a bed to lie on to recovery – or death – as the case may be. Whatever the case, it still beats getting mauled by rabid dogs, no? If you can enjoy food, chances are you’re utterly clueless about what it takes to build one taste bud or the chemical balancing needed for a spot of digestive juice. If you work hard at your job and are successful, that’s great. But if someone did not supply you with brain cells and the intellectual capacity required to function in that office, or fill your physical form with strength and vitality, you wouldn’t effectively do zilch…

You get the message?

Even if you lack or hurt or imagine things could be better, truth is all the ‘bad’ that can happen in this realm is still ‘better’ than the avalanche of wrath that could (and should) fall on our heads but for the fact that Someone is holding back – in mercy.

So want what you will and pursue what you must; but if you ever get disappointed or go through a temporary existential rut, always remember all the things you can access that you are sincerely undeserving of.


And be thankful, #whineless one, be thankful.

OneLessWhiner Challenge

With love,

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