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#Onelesswhiner Challenge – Day 10

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Day 10

DAY 10:


“Little drops of water, make a mighty ocean.”


I hope you started  today by setting out with the consciousness that every good decision you chose to make and the ones you neglected to, would get to have a say in where you go and the heights you attain…either now or in future.

Life is no circus. Let us perish the thought that a little clowning and dashes of luck and magic will see us through and fix everything. That, my friends, is nonsensical thinking and I write that with all the love and concern I can muster.

We all have stories; moment-to-moment, one day to the next… Each step reveals a new paragraph, each milestone, a new page. What do you want your story to say?

Don’t let anyone feed you the blatant lie that you’re too young to take things seriously. Wisdom is not a function of age; it is a function of CHOICE. If you don’t have a clue where you’d like to get to and what you’d like to devote all the oxygen you get to inhale – at no charge – to, TODAY IS THE DAY TO GET ONE. If you DO know but have been having an affair with procrastination and are yet to diligently apply yourself in pursuit of the better days you claim you seek, TODAY IS THE DAY TO GET WISDOM.

Your life will turn out some kind of way. And although the trials that arise and the hardships that abound might star generously in your unfurling plot, they still don’t hold the key to whether it ends up a tragedy or an epic-


You do.
That key is choice.

When people in your future ask how come things turned out the way they did for you, I hope your #whineless and persistently diligent, positive and hardworking existence are part of the things you tell them enabled you see days more pleasant than you ever dreamed.

I hope you choose your history wisely.

With love,

(Question of the day – please leave your answers in the comment secion) 🙂

Mindshift - Day 10

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