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Calling my favorite tale tellers; THERE ARE PRIZES TO BE WON!

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Calling All Tale Tellers




Wow. Many did not believe they would make it up to this point in the challenge. Not with all the things that come at us everyday without fail; things that can bend and things that can break. Yet, we #whineless ones have pulled through. Relentless and dogged, refusing to back down as God gives us strength and enablement. You can’t imagine how excited and grateful I am that you all chose to join me on this journey, or that you have stuck with it this long even…

I salute your courage.

Now, at the very beginning I had made an announcement about entries that would be getting featured on the blog and I know that might have gotten lost in some people’s minds while we were all busy enjoying the beautiful and inspiring TALES FROM THE #WHINELESS ONE (that’s low-key been a major highlight of this whole thing for me, by the way). That’s okay. The tales from the #whineless ones were shared for our collective encouragement and also for people to actively take record of their growth through this #whineless journey we’ve commenced on. But this right here is about the articles, poems or short stories of no more than 750words that you gloriously creative folk might like to share with the cyber universe on the ‘Spot the Difference’ blog!

Well this post is to announce that my mailbox is OPEN TO YOU FROM 12NOON TODAY!!! (What that means is, I will ignore anything sent in by 11:59am, hehehe).

Today is the 26th of August. Please start sending in your entries: ARTICLES, SHORT STORIES OR POEMS of no more than 750words, centered on your personal experiences on the #Onelesswhinerchallenge 2017. I would appreciate the honor of getting to feature them on my blog so others can share in your experience and be challenged even beyond August.

Here’s how it is going to go:

  1. Entries limited to 750words that are centered on your PERSONAL experience on the #Onelesswhinerchallenge 2017 should be sent to FROM NOON TODAY. I’ll stop accepting by noon on the 31st of August.
  2. The email should be titled with your full name, the title of your piece and its genre (prose, poetry, article). Your entry should come as an attached Microsoft Word Document, containing the main piece, as well as your social media handles and any other contact you’d like to include.
  3. Each person is allowed only two (2) entries. If you send in entries thrice, all entries will get sadly disqualified.
  4. Two entries to feature on the 29th, 30th and 31st will be selected randomly from all those sent in within the time frame specified and the authors will be notified on the days they get posted.
  5. No author will be featured more than once and only ORIGINAL content should be sent in, please.


Now for the REALLY fun part!


There are custom #ONELESSWHINER t-shirts to be won in all of this. As part of an incentive (although you really should be gingered about sharing your awesome story without much prompting), three t-shirts with different ‘cool’ (yes, I’m going to sound like I’m old right now) #Onelesswhiner slogans are up to be won by either of the people who get featured on each of the days! The selection of your entry is just the first part; to win the t-shirt (that I will be sharing on my intsagram page shortly), you need to get your friends and network to gather round and actually READ what you’ve written! It sucks to talk and get only echo in response doesn’t it? So basically, you’re going to win something for getting folks to give you feedback. Isn’t that nice?

The post that attains up to 50 comments and 30 shares gets the t-shirt.

Anything less and I’ll have to wear them all by myself. And although that’s great for me, I really would like you to have this. J

So spread the word and hit me with those entries please.

With love,


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