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No Turning Back!

kwiksieBy kwiksie 3 years ago2 Comments
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The One Less Whiner Challenge

“They won’t get it right.”
“Let’s not waste time on plans that will fail.”
“What’s the point in hoping?”
“If they couldn’t fix this, who says you can?”
“Be realistic. We’re doomed.”


This is my official “Thank You” blog post. To everyone who took the bold step and made a concerted attempt to kill a habit that comes as naturally as breathing to many of us, to everyone who allowed conviction to hit them and wisdom to fill them, to everyone who fought to sing above the voice of fear and place a smile in between every path marked by tears…

Thank you.
I’m glad you came on this journey with me. Even if you love travelling, you’ll admit that the adventure is tons more fun when you’ve got good company.

“What’s good about the day?”
“This always happens… Life sucks.”
“If no one will help me, I won’t even bother.”
“Humans are just scum.”
“Everybody should carry their own problems.”

You know what we did in August? We made a point. First, and most importantly, to ourselves – because it’s hard to convince another of something you’re not even fully convinced of. We’ve proven to ourselves that we can be in control. We are NOT at the mercy of our whims, emotions, fleeting thoughts, habits, temptations and urges. We are at the mercy of our choices. But the irony is, we are COMPLETELY in control of them as well.

We’ve experienced the truth of the reality of our authority. We mustn’t permit anything or anyone to ever again steal this ‘knowing’.

“See, I told you they would mess this up…”
“If it was this other country now…”
“Maybe slavery is best for us.”
“If I get the opportunity to leave, nothing will make me come back.”
“Common sense, they don’t have.”

I know not everyone shared his or her tales, but I know everyone who took the challenge has one. Recording your successes (and near successes) is very important because these things keep you CONSCIOUS and can be very encouraging. It’s all too easy to let the #whineless August buzz to fade away and slip back into the comfort of mediocrity and ease so we have to come up with a way to keep the engine running. You could give yourself a “Whine” limit every week and gradually keep cutting it down, or get yourself an accountability partner, or tell a bunch of people you interact with frequently that you’re done with whining; because people will be people and many would like to catch you slip up, this may help to keep you cautious and conscious of your speech and reactions.

If you slip nobody will kill you and you know better than to be scared of mistakes; but what if you make the public announcement…and find yourself keeping to it? Won’t that be great?

“I’m hardly ever satisfied… It’s just how I am.”
“No need to get so excited, good things don’t last.”
“Their services are poor, the décor is tragic, specialists mediocre, accent annoying…
“It makes me want to punch something!”
“They won? Luck.”

Please, let them know us by our ways. Not by the things we like or the hash tags we hype. Let them KNOW us by the difference borne of us. Let them find soothing in the aura we carry. Let the gloom be lifted when we step in the building. Not because we know everything, but because each and everyday we’re equipping ourselves with the tools to make possible a better, more selfless, fulfilling, productive and transformational mode of living. We mustn’t make head lines…

But if we’re each the starters of chain reactions that get minds and lives to positively realign, we’ll get to see better headlines. And we can thank God and say: “I am a catalyst to this happening.”

“I’m not the only one doing it so…”
“If I get the chance to leave, nothing will make me return.”
“Why should I be bothered? It’s not my job!”
“What’s in it for me?”
“I’m not cut out for all this stress.”

I know many will read through and wonder; “What’s with all this italicized negative mumbo jumbo Kwiksie?!” Well, I have three questions for you: 1. Do any of those statements seem familiar? 2. Did having to read them and think them even slightly irk you? 3. Would you be comfortable producing such statements in future?

Take your time and think on the implications of the statements and the self-discovery that’ll be made possible by your sincere responses to those questions. It’s neither to make you feel bad or good. It’s simply to hint to you where you are and the work you yet have to do to get to where you want to be/maintain the good you think you’re already seeing.
“Stop trying so hard to be different.”
“Go with how you feel. Nothing should matter more…”
“In the end, it’s every man for himself.”
“If it’s broken, and you didn’t break it, don’t try to fix it.”
“Just pretend you didn’t see it and pass…”

Not every quote on the Internet is useful.
And the flow you go with may some day drown you.
Get saturated with undiluted truth-
Then you may abound in good.


Okay, I’m done. Be the blessing you want September to throw your way okay?
Happy new month again people, your neighborhood #Whineless one unrepentantly loves you.

 Day 31

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Hate is easy, love takes courage. Jesus is everything. Ask me why.


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