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Get Out of the Way…EYELASH!

kwiksieBy kwiksie 3 years ago1 Comment
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Recently, I’ve been dealing with a bit of itching in my eyes (needless to say, it is very distracting and tedious) and half the time, I take out the aggression on my eyelashes. By the time I bother and pluck at them and rub my eyes red for several minutes, eventually (on some occasions) the nuisance of a sand particle or whatever decides to exit my property and I’m thankful for the relief.

This current ‘ordeal’ brought to my remembrance a similar period during my third year in the university, when I learned a lesson or two from my seemingly bothersome (hardly lengthy) lashes. I decided to share it today.

N.B: There’s been some minor editing. 😀

Hello people.

Today, my topic of interest just happens to be the eye. And it has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that my last exam is very closely affiliated to biology. 😉

Okay, here’s the deal. Ever since I commenced my examinations for this semester and – as expected – launched my rigorous study regime, my eyes have been seriously trying to test me. Actually, I’m not sure if I should have been vexed at my eyes insomuch as at the random things that were getting lodged in them…

Anyway, there I was staring into a cracked mirror in the toilet, at 3.45am, a few hours before an exam I had lost sleep over, wondering what I had to do to be rid of the pesky prickly disturbance that had been interrupting my studying for almost an hour. I was just fed up. I knew very well the problem (this time) was not my eyelashes because I had spent ample time before, coaxing them away from my eyeballs with mascara. Before that, I had buried my face in water, eyes open, for several minutes and still they wouldn’t quit! So as I stood there alone, staring at my reddened, swollen eyes; God unexpectedly used the source of my current annoyance to get a nifty lesson across…

You know how sometimes, things get into your eye, and even after you’ve cleared it all out (just like me, with my several hopeful attempts) it still feels terribly itchy and uncomfortable? Not necessarily because the particle is still in there now but because whatever got in has thoroughly irritated your eye(s) and left this annoying sensation as though it’s still in there…when it’s not (kind of like mint and the after-taste).


Because that’s what disruptive intruders do. It got in, made trouble and even after you struggled to get it out, it still left you evidence of its visit. The evidence could remain for some minutes, hours, days or even weeks. Bottom line is, it never belonged there in the first place.

Sounds just like certain thoughts, doesn’t it?

seiverSometimes we permit our minds to get crammed with garbage and think it’s no big deal. Until we can’t get them out when we want to. Some of us remember those things we were once okay with letting in and sometimes feel very uncomfortable, embarrassed or guilty. Some thoughts move us to self-condemnation, others brim us with anger, bitterness, self-righteousness, arrogance, resentment, depression or even suicidal ideation. Either way, none of the products of such are peace promoting and neither do they enhance our sense of wellbeing.


Because they never belonged in our minds in the first place! We let them intrude on an internal environment God gave us the power and ability to protect and regulate, by carelessly leaving open the gateways to our mind and heart (eyes & ears) for any particle of ungodly, unwholesome or unedifying information or circumstance to float in and pollute us. Then, just as sometimes when you try to ‘blink-out’ something it only moves further into your eye, some of us may disconnect from the main source of the thought (e.g. a person who offended you, the scene of a vicious brawl, a movie full of nudity, etc.), but neglect to keep ourselves from dwelling upon the thoughts and scenes. It makes for a pretty intense hard time when one eventually decides to be done with all that, doesn’t it? Because the intruders have been tolerated for so long, altering and deteriorating the delicate environment that carelessness ushered them into, that they almost don’t look like foreigners anymore.

But can you guess what could help in situations like these?

Your eyelashes!

In this context, they would probably represent an in-depth understanding and seiverevelation of God’s word. As your lashes help sieve things aiming for your eyeballs, constant meditation on and revelations of truth from the scriptures, via the Holy Spirit, will help you sieve out every unprofitable and defiling thought that previously got in or even attempts to make an entrance into your thoughts. Even when they get close enough to get caught on (or in) your lashes, all it takes is a super quick flick – or in my case, a thorough rub – and it/they fall(s) off!

Whenever a silly little lie from the devil (concerning your health, or your worth, or God’s love, or your marriage, job, family, or your authority on earth…), or some lustful imagination (of either sex, of whatever age…), or even a mean and hurtful prank, pops up in your mind for even a brief second, it can be ‘flicked off’ by switching your mind to more profitable and wholesome thoughts instead.

Think Philippians 4:8!
Think on God’s blessings!
Think on how much you’re appreciated at work!
Think of how much your spouse loves you!
Think of how to treat others as you’d want them to treat you!
Think of the fact that you even have a family!
Think of how much you’ve grown!
Think of your friendly gardener!
Think of how much you love your chirpy pet parrot/cat/toad/llama…!
Think on what would please God!

Think on things which are not in defiance to God’s will or contrary to His nature. Get that thought away before it gets too itchy or uncomfortable and you really hurt yourself!

I know there are times when it seems our eyelashes themselves are a pain though. I’ll tell you what He had to say to me about those in the next post. 😉


To be continued…

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