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Get Out of the Way….EYELASH! 2

kwiksieBy kwiksie 3 years ago2 Comments
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So as I mentioned in the previous post (and as most of you already know), these eyelashes we’re talking about do pose themselves as nuisances on many occasions. Mine are hardly what you’d even refer to as long and full and yet they get in my eyes and bother me all the time! To be honest, sometimes they generate more discomfort than a stray particle of dust, or even a tiny bug, would.

I happen to be well aware of these facts.

However, I believe this also bears a relationship to our life’s happenings as well. Sometimes, when we miss it or mess things up and are totally convinced in our heads – by systematic rational analysis, or not – that we just have to be in the right and the universe is just spiteful and negatively biased, it doesn’t feel very nice when the conviction of God’s word lets us know we really are the problems and have been fooling ourselves.

I mean, ouch.

Now I don’t know about you but I believe it’s more painful to be proven wrong, especially when you’re so certain of being accurate in your judgment, than when someone simply confirms your miscalculation after you’ve detected it. It might not be fun dealing with it when God points out our mistakes to us and we may tug at that conviction and rebuke (just as we’d tug on a stray lash), to get it out of our heads or our hearts but often, they don’t budge. Why? Because God’s truth belongs in our hearts to illuminate it and guide us right; just as our lashes belong on our lids and don’t mean to be such pains. They’re just doing their job and if sometimes we are inconvenienced in the course of them carrying out their primary functions, that doesn’t mean they’re bad.

God’s instruction may not always align with our wants – but they never lead us to regret. NEVER. Likewise, even when they don’t always go in the direction I want (literally), I still understand that my eyes without the protection provided by my lashes, would be in serious danger.

Thus, if you can’t imagine yourself walking around in a mega-dusty room (orheart in the Sahara), without a single strand of an eyelash to protect your eyes from all those tiny particles, then it should be equally difficult to imagine yourself walking around in this sinful world without the truth and light of God’s word, and the assurance that Jesus is, guarding your heart.


P.s: They behaved after I took a shower; so I studied a little more & had an awesomely successful paper.

Thank God. 😀

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