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Save Your Applause.

kwiksieBy kwiksie 3 years ago9 Comments
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“Kwiksie look, I totally get your point…but we both know that’s not what people like to hear.”

“Seriously? How on earth do you hope to get fans if you keep doing things like this?”

“When you have all it takes to make folks ‘love’ you, why not just give them what they want?!”

How about because more often than not, what the crowd wants antagonizes what God wills? Eh pal?

My name is Okwukwe Ifediora (also known as Kwiksie) and I am a born-again Christian.

Do you want to know what that means? It means that every other hobby, skill, talent or occupation that may ever be used to describe me (musician, psychologist, poet, blogger, cloud-watcher…whatever) will ALWAYS be secondary to my primary call as a follower of Jesus Christ.

Alright? Are we clear?

Please get it– if I were a doctor, I wouldn’t aspire to be regarded as a pretty good practitioner who just happens to be moralistic enough to sound religious. Without my stating it, my life should be such that people naturally categorize me first by my faith in my risen savior (Jesus Christ), followed by whatever it is I do by reason of training or occupation. Period.

Really though, when are some of us (believers) going to understand that Romans 1:16 should actually be lived?

Many might be convinced otherwise, but the few (‘few’ because I could probably make a decent book of the several variations I’ve received) questions I quoted at the start of this post weren’t necessarily directed to me by those who are foreigners to the faith. Many of the people who’ve ever challenged or questioned me on my loyalty to Jesus in certain circumstances (where compromise seems most alluring) are Christians (according to them at least). I mean, do we even listen to ourselves sometimes? When on earth did the focus become what they want and what the fans like to hear and all that garbage?!

Is it the ‘fans’ who have given me life? Are they the ones responsible for my possession of whatever ‘gift’ I may have? Did the fans and the public sacrifice their most precious to save every single undeserving bit of me, in exchange for my undivided, undiluted love for and devotion to them?

Think about what you’re saying and doing.

In Galatians 2:20 Paul says: “I am crucified with Christ: nevertheless I live; yet not I, but Christ liveth in me: and the life which I now live in the flesh I live by the faith of the Son of God, who loved me, and gave himself for me.”

This life ceased to be my belonging the moment I surrendered it to Jesus (and thank goodness that happened. It seems like all we manage to do with life outside Him is ultimately make a mess of it actually).

Each and every human being has got a purpose for being created (a purpose one just might remain clueless about until he/she chooses to buddy up with the author of life) and for those of us who are members of the body of Christ, there is a call on our lives (Corinthians 1:26 // Ephesians 1:18// Philippians 3:14)!

As an individual, one of my areas of calling contained within my primary call to a life of righteousness is in the sphere of music. I am called to minister to others through music – amongst other things – thus music is a primary tool in my life of service to God. Now from a study of Romans 12:1-8 in a teaching by Bob Kauflin titled > ‘The Call of The Christian Musician’ (I STRONGLY RECOMMEND YOU FIND IT AND LISTEN TO IT – SEVERALLY!!!), I have come to the deeper understanding that my primary call as a Christian musician, is to:

“Faithfully make music – in ANY context – that reflects a grateful servant’s response to the gospel of Jesus Christ.”

Before you sniff your nose at this point or close the page, please take time to sit and meditate on this word (and please do get the teaching ASAP…you’ll legitimately love it). Ask yourself whom your creator is and for what purpose you were created. Have you seen anyone who’s more stable than God or anyone who loves you more? (If you said yes, I promise you we are not talking about the same person). Do you really want to dedicate your time, energy and LIFE to pleasing the crowd? The world? This fickle, fluctuating, chaotic, deceived, deceitful, selfish and oh-so-temporary world?! When did ‘going with the flow’ and ‘dancing to the beat’ become our motto as believers? We have obligations to the person who actually runs things (sorry Bey, it’s not girls after all) and who demands that every breath of air He’s given us permission to consume be used to honor Him and instead what do we do? We ‘do it for the fans’ (or the vine…story for another day).

It’s just so doleful.

I’m not saying fans are evil – come on, that’s ridiculous. If there’s anything I am convinced about, it’s that intrinsic influence can outweigh extrinsic factors any day. It is not about what one’s fan-ship consists of or what they even want; it’s about who you choose to become when you’re pressured by both well-meaning and evil-plotting people. It’s about having a spine- one that’s rooted in the truth of God’s word…

I am not saying become religious and sanctimonious, I’m not saying you shouldn’t enjoy the gift music is or whatever else it is that you’re into. I’m saying when we take our focus off God and decide to zero in on doing things solely for their ‘commercial’ worth or on the basis of public opinion, when we get to producing things which are supposedly ‘appealing’ to the majority with NO regard for our Lord and savior – that’s when we hit the self-destruct button. If we don’t serve and praise Him, He’ll get others who will; but if we are honest with ourselves, we’d realize there’s none more deserving of our service and adoration than God Almighty. So why work yourself to the bone for things as temporary as a flash of lightening, and for folks who won’t hesitate to stomp you as soon as they’ve drained you to nothing?

This is the truth; I’m on any and every stage on this earth to perform for an audience of one. Everyone else is warmly invited though, but the primary reason I have got to make it good is to please Him.

Many think this sort of conviction is rather naïve, boring, too ‘strait-jacket’ or unrealistic? *laughs in assurance* Like a friend taught me…

If you know, you know.

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Hate is easy, love takes courage. Jesus is everything. Ask me why.


  • Oyin says:

    Kwiksie. Honestly, this hit home. Stay blessed dear.

  • Nykie says:

    Very true!!….The truth is always hard to take in, but it still remains the truth. We should stop trying to hide behind the values of the world and lose our soul in the process. Thumbs up Kwiksie, well Said.

  • Fejiro says:

    Exactly! If you know you know.
    Right! People individually are already unreliable and inconsistent with complex thought patterns and preferences. Then we decide that we not just listen to please one person, but “people” (that’s collectively) imagine the chaos waiting to happen.
    We need to sit down and reason. And see how irrational depending on people opinions is. As the saying goes “you can’t please everyone”. We already know this! So like kwiksie has just chosen, please God.
    I really pray for strength to focus on pleasing Him and He alone

  • Tinom says:

    Yes girl! I love you because you speak the truth and nothing but the truth regardless of who you’re with or where you are. Your boldness inspires me. God will continue to uplift you, keep you and take you to greater places in Jesus name. #YoungandUnashamed
    P.S. this fan does not encourage conforming 😉

  • Purity says:

    Really nice post dear, I admire your depth of conviction. People make weird advances, give irrational suggestions with pride and I can’t help but ask them; “did you hear yourself ?”

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