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Heads, Tails & Middles.

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Birthday Post


I would really have loved to put this up on the first of the month but did not and will share why. In no particular order, some factors that militated against a Wednesday post include the unbelievably poor Internet connection that day, the fact that posts are actually not usually scheduled for Wednesdays, and…it was my birthday (wide grin), so I was very much occupied with basking in the unmerited love that several kind members of the human race had decided to lavish upon me.



Birthdays are really great. I don’t know about other people but I like them. With each one that comes, opportunities to highlight milestones and growth points tag along. You get to do a panoramic take of the goings on from day one to day present – and whether or not the scenery is beautiful or solemn, it’s often best to note that you wouldn’t even be getting a view at all if God hadn’t graciously transported you from birth year to the one you’re in.

Similar to the fuss that surrounds the New Year, birthdays are often filled with a flurry of wishes, hopes, resolutions and what have you, from the person stepping into the year and equally those who gather to celebrate the step. There is a lot of emphasis on the ‘newness’ of the phase about to be entered. This is a year you have never been in before, and it just may be littered with faces you have never even seen and opportunities begging to be seized.

It’s a new year with new things. It can be better than all the previous ones if you let it. You can change, start over and turn a new leaf, or whatever.

“Happy birthday. May this year bring you favor.”



The end hardly serves as an appropriate subject amongst persons celebrating novelty. Many at times, you’d find some greetings are limited to the year being celebrated without any presumptuous extensions – almost as though if blessings were stretched to reach decades in the future they might be wasted, should their object fail to make it there.

It may not be all that ludicrous though; after all, who wants to receive a birthday greeting reminding them of their increased proximity to natural death with each year that comes and departs? But even though this knowledge (of the inevitability of death) is situated comfortably in the consciousness of many, because the end is so often portrayed in a solemn or downright unpleasant manner, it might be viewed more as a deliberate attempt to spite as opposed to a simple statement of actual fact.

From another angle, as each birthday of an individual is celebrated for its newness and fresh appeal, so also is the previous joyously exited – a happy trade of ‘good’ old things for the possibility of better in the new.

“It’s been a good year but better things are yet to come!”



Very often, the bulk of the attention goes to the start of the journey, or the conclusion of it.
Go out safely and arrive safely.
Who began the race and who finished it?
Clock in at work and clock out…

That’s often it. And though this is not to compete about the importance of the three, more need to be made aware that the answer to why the good beginning morphed into a bad one, or why the shaky beginner waxed into a strong finisher, lies in the middle. The details of the journey are just as important as arriving the destination, but some just simply choose to skip those bits. Yet how do you think we learn and improve? How do we benefit from the experiences of others? How do we peek into our learning curve and permit ourselves to be molded into better versions of the people we were in years long gone?

The middle.

We must study those of others and invest wisely into ours because the end point is nothing without the journey to it. If you wouldn’t buy a novel that provided only a prologue and epilogue, why treat the flesh of your awesome story with such little regard?

You ought to pay attention on (and to) your journey, friend. Take notes, ask questions, enjoy the sites and enjoy the ride even as you inch closer to the end with each bump and turn.

So in this New Year, I’m thankful I got to start and I really do look forward to the ending. But most of all, I’m thankful for the glorious continuity I’ve been afforded on this journey.

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