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She Is Human

kwiksieBy kwiksie 3 years ago1 Comment
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They don’t really think she needs

More than what she gets.

They think she’s weird –

A pretty entertainer lacking a care.

It’s hard to believe streams once gurgled with her tears.

Now, so taken with comforting

They forget the route to the exit of her soul.


She isn’t loveless,

Just loved too subtly.

Her ‘funny bone’ gives support to those weighed down by glum reality,

Gets them standing again

On sturdy hopes, starry dreams;

Their burdens are attractive, pulling by the teeth

as forgotten stand the ones the mirror greets with.

So all is borne; internalized versions of vulnerability,

Until there is less room to house any with her name on it.


Most see gifts but few see the giver

That blends alien and familiar

(puts the human in E.T)

Maybe just as needy as the average person:

Open to hugs, kisses…

Subject to cuts and bruises.

Her tears, no less salty.

Her body, equally welcome to holding.

Perhaps those whites guarded by strips of red

Are such appealing distractions that

none notice the darker shade fluidly escaping

So fresh gashes are treated like fading hurts on phantom limbs.


It is not matyrdom, she forgets to complain

because there is beauty and joy in offering healing

at no obvious gain.

Their peace is therapy for if they cease hurting so will she;

“Gifts demanding payment are credit-made sales…

Do not taint it.”


She is human

But there’ll be no request for returns.

She’ll give, give and give

Until she isn’t anymore.


© Kwiksie, 2017.

  Non-fiction, Poetry, Voiced Poetry
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