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Would You Rest?

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Vacation is a wonderful time to get a much-needed break from the bustle of work routine. Or is it?

Holiday seasons are fun-filled periods that compensate for the weary stretches of school, work and business. The splash of family reunions and get-togethers are rich in conversations and beautiful memories. The season into the New Year casts a spell of the frenetic; travel terminals peak in a confluence of activity at air and seaports and land borders. Commerce chokes in hospitality, gastronomy, entertainment and the ecstasy of unbridled shopping. The race to meet the turn of the year almost turns into a stampede. It’s the season of cheer and anticipation, but is it that for rest?

The unrelenting drumbeat of activity chokes the atmosphere. From the Christmas season into the New Year, Euphoria fills the air and a race to clear the last dregs of the departing year and catch the first wafts of hope in the New Year overwhelms sense and reason. From clubs to drinking parlours, religious bodies to church houses, the order of bedlam characterizes the days. And controlled mass hysteria urges a rush to the market, beauty parlours, tailors, shops and the like, as rest takes flight and stress takes residence.

Programmed, robotic utterance bids the other “Happy New Year!” The fireworks, the décor, the noisy gatherings, the excitement… all wane by the second week of reality’s grind. It requires effort to stay on a high simply because the toil of the season has taken it’s toll on the body.

For rest is found in retirement. Drawing away from all that will hinder relief from work or activity. Rest is digging into that state of quiet and relaxation where exertion is alien and tranquility is normal. So now that the fuss of the ‘season’ is over, will you dear friend find opportunity to curl up in snugness, shuffle lazily in a chosen homey environment, shut out the distraction of social media addictions, indulge in a sleep and food routine, free yourself from hassles and just…rest?


Today’s post was put together by Tani O. Ifediora.

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