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It’s ONE folks!

kwiksieBy kwiksie 2 years agoNo Comments
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Happy Birthday!

HURRAY! Today Officially Marks KwiksieDotCom’s First Year In Existence!!!

It’s been a whole year already folks. Just like that! It’s been a whole year of spotting differences and being the difference in our respective ‘worlds’…#sigh.

Before jumping straight into doing my cartwheels and excited jigs, let me share a few facts about how it is that we have come to this place at this moment in time:

  • Fact #1: This – the entire website and all it has to offer – would have been a rather pointless drag if it wasn’t for you. Because what would be the joy in giving something if it’s never received? What would be the value in a service that was never in demand? Each one of you who have ever made a booking for the services offered here, downloaded the songs on sound cloud/listened to the poems, visited the ‘Spot the Difference’ blog to read, like, share, comment, repost and/or even continue conversations you first engaged in here on #KwiksieDotCom…you are the real deal! Words can’t effectively express how much I value you. After God, you’re the reason I do any of this.
  • Fact #2: The Spot the Difference blog has actually been in existence since November 2012 but since we like celebrating a lot here on #KwiksieDotCom, the marking of both dates is done separately. Today though, we’re really all about celebrating you all so…*does cartwheels and excited jig!* (Hint: something HUGE is in the works in preparation for STD’s 2018 blog-iversary. You DON’T want to miss it!)
  • Fact #3: The more you give your support, the better this gets! It’s only natural to want to do more to satisfy those that mean so much to you, right? And if you’re yet unsure of how much you mean to me, do refer to Fact #1 Truth be told, your presence and mine in this space would really be left to waste if we never learned something or exchanged lessons that help us in both the short and long terms. Learning is so vital and it happens easily when we have conversations so whether you’d prefer a conversation via music, spoken word poetry, stories, photographs, quotes or articles, the point is with each tidbit of information we receive, we get to close more knowledge gaps – little by little, everyday. Thus, the more you engage and the more frequently we ‘meet’, the better we all get.

I’m truly truly excited and grateful we’ve made it through ONE WHOLE YEAR – it simply reminds me that there are countless more ahead to invest in growing and improving. I’d also like to use this opportunity to apologize to readers of the STD blog for the inconsistency lately. Some needful changes have recently become apparent, plus there’s just so much good stuff planned for us this year and I’ve admittedly been having a bit of an uphill ride trying to bring it all together. But posting will be more regular next month – I’ll see to it, and when we have this phase thoroughly sorted and concluded, I believe you’ll be quite pleased and we’ll all be better for it. (Amen.)

P.s: If you’d like to ‘start a conversation’, suggest something or what not, please email me at:
Thank you for being a part of this story.

Spot the difference…be different.

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