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A rising sun
The roll of drums
As piercing wails emerge
the womb of one
Then coos and gasps of love’s effervescence
Tumble off tongues to rest on dewy lashes


Ómò mi. Ómò dada.
Kosi éni to ma kọ wa lati pon é le


A dazzling sky
Of golden glory,
And liquid petals
To paint rainbows into the story.
Soon joys are birthed
Of she barely acquaintanced with life;
For the little princess
Has bloomed into wife.


Ìyawo. Ìyá.
Aye Ọlọrun nikan lo le ṣe alaye pe ìwọ wa nibi


A bashful glow,
An unexpected blow;
But the risk of a crash is not averted
By one that flies low.
So the years flew high and fast
– a queen’s dreams showed them how;
Oh what strength must be to yet carry throngs
In a heart making ready for its final bow.


A setting flame
And thawed fears.
But what audacity has dismay
To seek place in the wake of grace?
Thus hope oozed
As joy played chaperone,
For each extra hour was counted
As worth more than a million.


A silver moon
Leading freckled skies.
Indeed these bottomless hearts
Sought more time.
But where is the fairness in asking you back
To these old plains?
Need that dazzling smile be once more forced
To hide away from pain?
Naturally, we will miss-
In the crystal softness of our tears,
All the while knowing for certain
Your sun has simply risen again…


(Yoruba translation:)

  1. My child. Good child
    No one needs to teach us how to cherish you.
  1. Wife. Mother
    Only the existence of God can explain you being here


**In loving memory of Adesola Toluni Anjorin (1982-2018)**

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