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What defines you?


I’m sure you might have been told (or might have read somewhere) that you’re unique. Well, for the record, it’s true. Amongst us humans, the differences may be sometimes subtle and other times downright riotous; but they’re right there; we just need to find them.

And that’s great news right? (Variety is – after all – the spice of life.)


Spot The Difference: Two Aspects

>>Spots of Beauty In Different Strokes. “Different strokes for different folks”, as is often said; yet it sometimes seems a tad too difficult to look beyond our noses. So beyond personal needs, personal cliques and personal-ities, it seems generating interest in discovering, studying and appreciating the uniqueness in the world of people around us is perceived as tiring. Yet, it is a lot healthier to invest time in identifying what it is we often miss – as we uncover and realize the nuances that converge to make us that lovely shade of uncommon consciousness. 🙂

>> Identities Can Change Everything. If I told you I was a ballerina and emphasized that my identity lay in that fact, it would be rather odd if I lived in a way that had folks thinking me a mason, linguist, or landscaping expert. I ought to reveal all that is beautiful and alluring about what I identify with, as well as make evident the requirements and sacrifices that go with it.

Therefore, just as our identities ought to be evidenced by our living, I’ll often share my learning curve in this life we’re all journeying – with my view thoroughly baked in faith HD.

So please don’t leave just yet, okay? Spot the difference with me. 🙂